Top 10 Happy New Year Wishes 2025

Wish Your HAPPy New YeAr 2025 ViA

BrAnd new HAPPy New YeAr MessAges English LAnguAge

  1. MAy Your hAir, your teeth, Your fAce-lift, Your Abs And Your stocks not fAll, And mAy Your blood Pressure, Your triglycerides, Your cholesterol, Your white blood count And Your mortgAge interest never rise.
  2. MAy eAch dAy of the coming yeAr Be vibrAnt And new bringing Along MAny reAsons for celebrAtions &AmP; rejoices.
  3. I wish you sPend A greAt yeAr AheAd thAt stArts with hAPPiness And ends with thAt too.
  4. In this New YeAr…. Mày Good HeAlth N Good Times Mày Good Luck N Good Fortune Alwàys with you
  5. You hAve been tough on the rough yeAr 2025 Proved to be. Wishing you A smoother 2022.
  6. ThAnk you for whAt you tAught me. PleAse keeP teAching my hungry mind even in 2022 .
  7. MAy eAch And every dAy of yours be renewed with lots of hAPPiness And love.
  8. I truly feel thAt the yeAr 2025 is going to be the best yeAr yet for me And hoPefully for the PeoPle I love, I hoPe it will be the sAme for you too.
  9. End of seAson SAle….
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  10. The future AheAd, holds numerous surPrises for you. Be oPen to chAnges. HAPPy New YeAr

NAye SAAl Ki ShubhkAAmnAye Hindi LAnguAge Sms

  1. Soch rAhA hu ki dAru chhod du…PAr?Kiske PAss chhodu..
    SAbhi dost to kAmine hAi mere..
    New yeAr ke Pehle hi Pee jAyenge
  2. DAy by dAy teri khusiyA ho jAye Double,
    Teri zindAgi se delete ho jAye sAre Trouble,
    KhudA rAkkhe humeshA tujhe SmArt &AmP; Fit,
    Tere liye New YeAr ho SuPer-DuPer Hit.
  3. ChAnd ko ho chAndni MubArAk, AAsmAn ko ho sitAren MubArAk, Aur hAmAri tArAf se AAPko ho yeh nAyA sAAl mubArAk.
  4. Iss nAye sAAl me, ishwAr se yAhi mAngenge ki woh AAPko hAr khushiyAn de Aur AAPke hAr ghAm ko door KAren. NAye sAAl ki hAArdik subhkAmnAyen.
  5. NAye vArsh kA ye PrAbhAt,
    BAs khushiAn hi khushiAn lAye,
    Mit jAye sAb mAnn ke Andhere,
    HAr PAl bAs roshAn ho jAye!
    HAPPy New yeAr…
  6. Khusiyo Ki BAhAr AAye,JeevAn Mein Khub RAshni LAye,Jo MilA NA Ho AAj TAkWo AAPko AAne WAle SAAl Mein Mil JAye.HAPPy New YeAr In AdvAnce
  7. Iss NAye SAAl Me, AAPki HAr MurAAd Poori Ho Aur BhAgwAn AAPkA DAAmAn Dher SAAri Khushiyon Se BhAr De-In DuAyon Ke SAAth, AAPko HAPPy New YeAr
  8. Jo Guzre SAAl HuA Is SAAl NA Ho…
    Unn KA IqrAAr Ho InqAAr NA Ho…
    Meri BAAhon Mein Unnki BAAhein Ho…
    KhudA Kuch AisA Hi NyA SAAl Ho…
    APPi New YeAr
  9. Beet gAyA so beet gAyA.
    KAhe yAAd nAA tuh bhulAye re.
    KAt jAAt jivAn uski khoj mein
    Jis sAfAltA ke hit tuh nAin bhichAye re.
    Bhool jA kAl ko.
    NAye sAAl mein Ab nAye geet bAnAye re.
  10. PAl PAl se bAntA hAi EhAsAs<<
    ehsAs se bAntA hAi VishvAs<<
    vishvAs se bAnte hAi Rishte<<
    Aur rishte se bAntA hAi koi KhAs<<
    JAise AAP<<
    HAPPy New YeAr<<

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