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RRB ALP 9 Aug 2021 2nd Shift Questions Watch Here

RRB ALP 9 Aug 2018 2nd Shift Questions Watch Here

RRB ALP Job Details 2021–  RRB recruitment details are available here. Use RRB for ALP jobs. The last date for applying for recruitment of RRB ALP is 31 March 2018. If you want to see the RRB ALP details then read this post full. Details are given below. To apply to this job must have 10th, SSLC, ITI. The maximum age limit is 30 years for a ALP job. For this recruitment you will receive the salary as per government rule. For information related to the concession in fees, you can read the details carefully by visiting the following link. RRB ALP posts details given below.

RRB ALP Recruitment 

RRB ALP Job Details
Department Name RRB
Total Number Of Posts 26502
Education 10th, SSLC, ITI
Fees 500/250
Location All India
Maximum Age 30
Salary Offer 19900
Last Date 31 March 2018

RRB ALP Result & Admit Card Download 2018 – Admit Card & Result to see the official website to use. The official website is given below. Admit card can be download to use the application number. Use the roll number to see the roll results.

RRB ALP 9 Aug 2018 2nd Shift Questions Watch Here

  • कौन से मुख्यमंत्री के पिता राजा थे?
  • रेलवे में कुल जोन?
  • विटामिन डी से कौन सी बिमारी होती है?
  • प्रोटिन से सबंधित एक प्रश्‍न?
  • धन आवेश के बारे में एक प्रश्‍न पुछा गया है?
  • बैक्‍टेरिया से होने वाली बिमारी कौन सी है?
  • फ्यूज के तार को कैसे लगाया जाता है?
  • व्यास सम्मान किसको मिला है?
  • काली खासी की बिमारी से बचने के लिए कौन सा टिका लगाया जाता है?
  • 17 october ko 1989 को कौन से दिन था?
  • 2016 का ओलिंपिक खेल कहा हुए थे?
  • पैरा ओलिंपिक पढम श्री किसको मिला?
  • NRC का मुद्दा कहा से सम्बंधित हैं?
  • हेलिकाप्‍टर का अविश्‍कार किसने किया था?
  • कृत्रिम वर्षा कैसे कराई जाती है?
  • गाँधी जी का जन्म कब हुआ?

RRB ALP 9 Aug 2018 1st Shift Questions Watch Here

  • Fuse wire is made of which material?
  • Who is the owner of KKR Team in IPL 2018?
  • Hirakund dam is situated on which river?
  • The rate of change in momentum called?
  • In India frquency of AC mains is?
  • Who discovered DDT?
  • 3 questions were asked from Chemical formula.
  • Ram Krishna Mission was founded by whom?
  • Who got 1st Bharat Ratna of India?
  • 2 questions were asked from Simple Interest Unit.
  • Who is the current CM of Tamilnadu?
  • Who was the Flag Bearer in Commom Wealth Game Ceremony 2018.
  • Who is the Chief Managing Director of Allahabad?
  • Who is the chairman of Indian Olympic?
  • Who is the Governor of Chattisgarh?
  • Who is the present financial minister?

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