Most Imp Current Affairs Questions Past 2 Years – Part 8

20 Feb 2K18

Cricinfo Awards 2017-2018

  • These awards distributed to players to his 2017 performance
  • Test Cricketer of the year – Stev Smith
  • Test Bowler of the year – Nathan Lion
  • Captain of the year – Heather Night
  • ODI Bowler of the year – Mohammad Amir
  • Women Batsmen of the year – Herman
  • T20 Batsmen of the year – Ewin Lewis
  • Women Bowler of the year – Anya Shrubsole
  • Best Associate Bowler – काएले काएत्जर
  • Debut Player of the year – Kuldeep Yadav
  • T20 Bowler of the year – Yuzbendra Chalal
  • Person Who Related to PNB Scam – Nirav Modi
  • राजस्थान में नाबालिग से बलात्कार करने वाले दोषी को होगी फांसी की सजा.
  • नाबालिग बलात्कार फांसी नियम मध्यप्रदेश में पहले से लागू हैं.

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